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Love God – Love Others – Serve All – For His Glory
Worship Sunday Mornings at 9:30am

Life Groups

Life Groups


Jesus says to us, “Follow Me.” This call is the starting point for our walk of discipleship. For us at Pella Church, Life Groups are an integral part of our discipleship walk of Loving God, Loving Others, and Serving All.


Life Groups are the primary place where we as a congregation live out our promise to Love Others.


Life Groups are built around three commitments. They are Educational, Relational, and Missional.


Educational – We study God’s Word, letting is shape and form who we are.
Relational – We build lasting relationships with each other, upholding one another in prayer.
Missional – We seek new ways to impact our community and invite others to join us on this journey.


The groups spend time each week on each of these commitments, walking together on the road of following Jesus.


Groups meet once a week for about an hour, and are always open for new people to join!